It is estimated that there are over 150,000 children with intractable diseases in Japan.

With medical advancements, the number of children who are on daily medical care such as breathing assistance with respirators and phlegm expulsion has increased steadily up to over 17,000. Because these children need round-the-clock care, daily outings are not just easy for them, and they are unable to take family trips. The caretaking is a 24/7 task with no time off. The mothers tend to suffer constant undersleeping. The siblings refrain from demanding much attention from the parents at home and likely to become targets of teasing and bullying at school. Not only the children under medical care themselves but also the whole family is prone to lose contact with society.

Difficulty Going Out and Moving Around

For families with children whose lives depend on round-the-clock medical care, going out and just moving from one place to another is extraordinarily difficult. If traveling to distant destinations can be made possible for such families, all members of the families could share many memorable moments.

Facing Fragility and Sanctity of Life Day by Day

We are very oblivious. Because of our unshakable belief that we will have another day of life tomorrow, we can think of the future and have hope for tomorrow. Please take a moment to remember that there are children whose life tomorrow is not as certain as ours.

Families of Children with Intractable Diseases

It is not just the children themselves, but their families also are fighting intractable diseases of the beloved ones. Many of the mothers tend to suffer constant under-sleeping due to round-the-clock caretaking. Many of the brothers and sisters refrain from demanding much attention from the parents at home and likely to become targets of teasing and bullying at school.

A Dream A Day IN TOKYO

A Dream A Day IN TOKYO invites children whose lives depend on round-the-clock medical care or whose life expectancy is very limited due to intractable or uncurable diseases to family trips to Tokyo to help them have memorable time. Our major strength is the ability to develop an itinerary for each family that incorporates each family’s needs and dreams. We coordinate visits to amusement parks etc. and negotiate and arrange meetings with celebrities as each family wishes.

■Supporting Family Trips

Round Trips to and from Tokyo/Transportation During the Trip

We cover the travel expenses to and from Tokyo. For those children judged by the Screening Committee* to require extra medical consideration, a pediatrician accompanies the child in flight for safety.

*A committee consisting of four pediatricians for screening candidate children based on their medical information and physical capacity.


We arrange and cover the costs of accommodation during the stay in Tokyo for three or more nights as well as meals at amusement facilities and event venues. A volunteer staff recruited through supporting companies accompanies the family to facilitate smooth transport and comfortable time in Tokyo. 

Reservations and Admission Tickets

We make reservations and purchase admission tickets to amusement parks, events, and other destinations of each family’s preference. Tokyo Disney Resorts and Hakkeijima Sea Paradise are just examples of many popular destinations. Each family’s itinerary is fully tailored to needs and wishes of the family members.

Meeting Celebrities            

We negotiate with musicians, athletes, or other celebrities on behalf of the families to schedule meetings on request.

Delivering Opportunities to Make Wonderful Family Memories

Founded in 2009, the Dream A Day IN TOKYO has invited over 80 children with intractable diseases and their families to Tokyo as of the end of 2018.

Making a truly memorable time together inspires the children suffering intractable diseases as well as their parents and siblings to live and to feel joy of living.

Travel experience has also brought more smile to many family members after returning home.

Word of mouth has been spreading from the invited families to others in similar situations, and we receive travel requests from many families every year.

Inviting children with intractable diseases with their families takes substantial human and financial resources as well as time for preliminary and preparatory works.

It is estimated that there are over 150,000 child patients in Japan fighting intractable diseases for which treatment methods are not established, and many of them have limited life expectancy. Shortening the waiting time for them to take our tour to Tokyo is our major challenge of an urgent priority.

Your Support Makes Dream Trips Possible

Your donations will be used to cover the expenses necessary for children with intractable diseases and their families to take their dream trips.
The Whole Family is Invited

The Whole Family is Invited

for families fighting intractable diseases throughout Japan.

Our trips are for families fighting intractable diseases throughout Japan. Your donations are used to cover travel expenses for the entire families including transportation, hiring family/welfare vehicles, accommodations, meals, and admissions to theme parks.

Essential Safety Considerations

Essential Safety Considerations

Securing Accompanying Medical Doctors and Facilities/Equipment for Safety

Your donations are also used to secure the safety of the trips, e.g. setting up aircraft medical stretchers, using multi-purpose compartments on Shinkansen trains, renting welfare vehicles and hiring drivers.

Preparation for the Trips

Preparation for the Trips

Realizing the Most Memorable Trips

To make each trip very special and memorable for the family, we tailor-make the itinerary to each family’s needs and requests while ensuring safety and viability. Your donation is also used to cover such expenses as preliminary interviews with the families at home, on-site review of each destination for safety and accessibility, shipping heavy and bulky medical equipment and fluid nutrition for gastrostomy feeding, and other essential preparatory works for successful trips.

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